About Us

Wigglynet is my test site for trying lots of things to do with WordPress.  It is NOT designed to be a finished website but instead it is there to have lots of things, some of which you may wish to have on your website.

If there are things which you'd like to know about, please ask as we may be easily be able to add them for you to see how they look and perform.


About Us pages are critical for engaging with people coming to your website. It should be an inspiring page our audience can come to, to learn more about us and what we do.  Your About Us page should really know how to talk to your audience. Your message should begin by understanding the audience it’s intended for. You need to be able to tell them what they want and need to hear in a way that will resonate with them.  Tell people the name of your business, who you and who your team are.  Use this as an opportunity to make your story interesting. Enable people to understand how you know what you know and what makes you an expert on the topic.  Why should they be interested in what you have to offer? How will their life be better because of it? And where can they go from here?