So that takes us to the bonus page! If you’ve got a product or service you are trying to get people to spend their money on, or if you are trying to build your email list, then this page is perfect for you.  So head to Pages and Add New.  Now give your page a title, this time I’m going to create a Training page, I’ll give it the same template, front page, and Publish it.  I created this page to give you an example of what you could do to get a product in front of your audience, or to have a lead magnet, a place to collect emails, and I’ll show you how to do this after we’ve set the other pages up.  Just so you know what a lead magnet is a lead magnet which is also known as your irresistible offer is based on tapping into the wants and needs of your customers, giving them a solution to their problem.  It’s giving them a valuable free piece of content, in exchange for their email address.
Think about what kind of problems your audience are facing which your products or services can help to solve, and create a lead magnet which is going to do this for them.  This is to attract them to download your lead magnet in return for their email address, which you use to always have a way to be in contact with them, so you always have a way to get your product or service in front of them.
And your lead magnet can be anything – you might choose a video series, a guide on the best activities in your city, a free book or even a free chapter from a book.  Depending on your industry, your lead magnet might even be a free trial to a membership area, a software or product demo or even a free consultation. It really does depend on what you do and what you’re selling.  As long as you’re giving people a solution to help fix a problem, you’ll make it easy for people to say yes to wanting to download your lead magnet.